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frequently asked questions

q:do you offer a choice of white, milk or dark chocolate?
a: milk chocolate is supplied as standard. white chocolate or dark chocolate (60% cocoa solids) are available on request.

q: can you make three-dimensional items?
a: in some cases, it may be possible to recreate a model size for size. for a quotation, please send us a sample of the item concerned. otherwise, we will simply recreate the design on a flat bar.

q: can bars be made in special shapes such as hearts?
a: although any shape is possible on request, squares & rectangles produce the best results.

q: what is the shelf life of the chocolate?
a: we aim to supply chocolates with a six month shelf life.

q: can you print the packaging?
a: it is possible to have packaging printed with your own design. prices and minimum order quantities are available on request.

q: is the chocolate nut-free or milk free?
a: all the chocolate we supply is guaranteed nut-free and the dark chocolate is guaranteed milk free (parve).

q: do you offer any other packaging?
a: yes, we have a range of boxes suitable, most of which are suitable for holding two or more chocolate bars.

q: how should we store our chocolates?
a: the optimum temperature for storing chocolate is room temperature 65o f or 18o c. it must also be kept dry and away from any sources of moisture.

if you have additional questions, please contact us at: enquiries@chocolatebusiness.com
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